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Tammy Metzger is the principal of JuriSense and assists lawyers with all aspects of their cases, including mock trial research, theme development, witness preparation, graphics, communication skills, voir dire and developing juror psychological evaluations.

Train to Win workshops are the best way to train your courtroom instincts.  These 1-day mock trials utilize the most sophisticated equipment and scientific methods so you can peer into jurors' minds.  By analyzing the live graphical display of jurors' moment-to-moment reactions to Reptile and Rules of the Road techniques, Tammy Metzger will teach you what drives juror decision-making.  Learn more about these fun Train to Win CLE Workshops.

David Ball contributed his insights to Tammy's article, How Rules and Reptile Approaches Work.  This paper explains how trial advocacy techniques elicit subtle emotions that drive juror decision-making, including how jurors perceive risk, causation, blame and guilt.   (See The Jury Expert, May 2011.)

What People are Saying

"The sina qua non of learning Rules of the Road or David Ball on Damages 3 is by means of hands-on experience -- well before trying it in trial. Tammy Metzger's Train to Win workshops are a great start -- and leave you ready to start studying and mastering Reptilian Advocacy."  David Ball

"Most concise explanation of how to conduct jury selection. I gave [Tammy's Plaintiff's Jury Selection paper] to all of my associates to read."  Tom Girardi, Girardi & Keese

"Great job.  One of the best questionnaires I have seen."  Gary L. Richardson, Richardson Richardson Boudreaux, PLLC

"Tammy has an exceptional ability to construct case narratives and formulate witness examination questions that help the litigator navigate through trial in an optimally strategic position.  In addition she has a comforting effect and is a job to have around.  In terms of day-to-day trial readiness she is an excellent choice for a hands-on trial consultant."  George Speckart, National Director, Courtroom Sciences Inc.

"Tammy was a phenomenal keynote speaker at the Los Angeles Paralegal Association's 2014 October Conference where she addressed over 300 attendees about how paralegals can help trial attorneys, including how to conduct jury selection.  With her extensive experience, the information that Tammy imparted was of great interest to the audience.  Tammy Metzger is a consummate professional, with deep integrity, a friendly demeanor and one of the best speakers in the legal arena."  Catherine Peck, Board of Directors, Los Angeles Paralegal Association

"Outstanding speaker.  Inspirational… informative and innovative….  Cutting edge methods for jury selection.… Impressive insights into the makings of a good and bad jury.  Could listen to her all day."  Lorraine Silvers, Asst. Prof. Trial Tactics, Irvine University

"Right on the money."  Jim Riley, Director, Coats Rose

"Really important work... a real value.  [Tammy is] identifying and explicating the epiphenomenon of jury decisions... with science and more than a little common sense.  Really nice work."  Ted Ray, ExxonMobil

"The highlight of the conference."  Vicki Gilbreath, Harris Martin Publishing

"Very perceptive. [Tammy] correctly predicted an unlikely foreperson and our two strongest jurors."  Al Stewart, Allen Stewart, P.C.

Arlene Blum, a bestselling author and UC Berkeley biophysical chemist who testified before two California Assembly committees regarding AB 706, a bill to ban toxic fire retardants from furniture and bedding, said:

"Your edit is amazingly helpful. I have to tell you that several renowned scientists and also some skilled lawyers in this field had already reviewed and commented on my testimony before you worked on it. Each improved it slightly, but your reorganization of the material made it orders of magnitude better. Thank you. Thank you."

Bonnie Lowenthal, the former Vice Mayor of Long Beach and current State Assemblymember honored Tammy with an "Environmental Steward" award during the April 22, 2008 (Earth Day) City Council meeting.  As a Board Member of the Friends of the Los Angeles River (FoLAR), Tammy was recognized for her efforts to improve the water quality of our beaches and the River.  Madam Vice Mayor said:

Earth Day Environmental Awards"Water quality is important to all of us.  FoLAR is a nonprofit organization founded in 1986 to protect and restore the natural and historic heritage of the Los Angeles River and its riparian habitat through inclusive planning, education and wise stewardship.  Thank you, Tammy, for being our representative [to FoLAR]."


JuriSense offers its services, free of charge, to select public causes, including scientists who seek assistance in explaining their work to decision makers, the press and other laypersons.

JuriSense, LLC Seal Beach, CA (800) 891-6592  info@jurisense.com

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