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How Rules and Reptile Approaches Work Rules work pdf, Tammy Metzger's Response in The Jury Expert's May 2011 article Are Your Jurors Mad or Sad?  How Emotional Blunting May Influence Their Judgments in the Courtroom, by Dr. Karen Winterich

Published in The Jury Expert (May 2011)

Plaintiff's Jury Selection: $75.00    

"Most concise explanation of how to conduct jury selection. I gave Tammy's Plaintiff's Jury Selection paper to all of my associates to read." Tom Girardi, Girardi & Keese

10 Tips for Trial Attorneys  10 Tips pdf

Published in Harris Martin's Benzene Conference: Trial of a Benzene Lymphoma Case from Jury Selection to Verdict

Dissection of a Defense Verdict in a  Benzene Lymphoma Trial  Dissection pdf

This post-conference analysis was also published by Harris Martin as part of the 2008 NYC benzene mock trial conference. 

RSS: Your Easy Button for the Internet  RSS pdf

Published in The Jury Expert (July 2008)

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Principal Components Analysis in Demonstrating Causation by a Preponderance of the  Evidence  Scientific Evidence pdf

Product of Internship with The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

What is Intuition?  Intuition pdf

Climate Change and Sierra Nevada Snowpack  Snowpack trends pdf

Master's Thesis


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